Natural Gas

Natural gas plays a vital role in most households, especially in Western New York. Most homes here rely solely on natural gas for heating and cooking.

When you switch to EnergyMark, you will pay less to do both, guaranteed.

Guaranteed Savings Program

You are guaranteed to save money by choosing our guaranteed savings program. It is a variable rate that will fluctuate each month just as your current utility bill does. The only difference is we guarantee that your annual costs will be lower by receiving supply from EnergyMark, instead of the utility.

How can we guarantee savings? EnergyMark uses local resources and maintains a low cost of overhead to deliver the cheapest rates in Western New York. Each month, local utility companies post their supply rates, and we simply set ours underneath it.

In addition to saving on the supply rate, there are also several taxes and fees that are waived when you switch to an energy supply company.

There are no fees to switch to EnergyMark, and your contract with us is on a month-to-month basis.

What are you waiting for... sign up today! Or give us a call at 716.632.1800 for more information.