Founders Page

RGL_Marchiori.JPGGary Marchiori has been involved in all aspects of the Natural Gas Business since 1985.  A Board Member of the Independent Oil and Gas Association of New York and long term energy entrepreneur his background and experience are:

  • 12 years with the National Fuel Gas System, in their Utility Operation as well as Interstate Pipeline
  • Six Years with major producer - Texaco Natural Gas, Gary was Director of their Northeast Office
  • In 2002, He founded and was Managing principal of NOCO Energy Marketing (NEM) which was sold to Constellation Energy in 2006
  • He was Vice President of the Northeast Region for Constellation New Energy Gas Division (CNEG)
  • In February 2010, CNEG sold back their assets to Gary and Industry Partner South Jersey Energy Solutions
  • In 2012, EnergyMark expanded its service offerings to include Electric Supply.
  • Today, EnergyMark continues on as the successor to NEM and CNEG, with all of the original employees, many of the same clients and has grown from 2,000 to over 10,000 clients.
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